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areal Cargo, Vrbicany (okres Litomerice) 411 21
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We have provided our services in the Czech market for over 50 years. We engage in manufacturing and sale of handling equipment. We provide comprehensive servicing. We offer complete logistic solutions created according to your requirements.
Sale, service, renting.
Our product range: high-lift, low-lift, motor platform trucks, off-road, towing vehicles, warehousing equipment.
Our services: customer service (warranty and post-warranty service), transport services, tyre pressing, pressing of hydraulic hoses, handling equipment rental and more.

Sale, service, rental.
Manufacture of handling equipment
Sale of handling equipment
Servicing of handling equipment
Storage equipment sale
Hand-guided machinery sale
Spare parts of handling equipment - sale
Pressing of hydraulic hoses
Production of hydraulic hoses
Used handling equipment - sale
Trucks after refurbishment - sale
Warranty repairs of handling equipment
Post-warranty repairs of handling equipment
Repair of high-lift trucks
Refurbishment of high-lift trucks
Transport of handling equipment up to weight of 9000 kg, including cargo loading and unloading
Transportation of handling equipment.

- High-lift trucks - sale
- Pedestrian pallet trucks - sale
- Platform trucks with loading capacity of 1-15 t - sale
- Tow tractors in Aku and Diesel versions - sale
- Fork-lift trucks Diesel, LPG, AKU - sale
- Fork-lift trucks CNG-compressed natural gas - sale
- Motor high-lift trucks - sale
- CNG high-lift trucks - sale
- Accumulator high-lift trucks - sale
- Accumulator platform trucks - sale
- Accumulator tow tractors - sale
- Motor tow tractors - sale
- Off-road high-lift trucks - sale
- Hand-guided pallet trucks - sale
- Cross pallet trucks - sale
- Plastic pallet trucks - sale
- Trucks with scales - sale.

Storage equipment sale:
- Pedestrian stackers - sale
- Pedestrian stackers with footboard - sale
- Pedestrian stackers for handling of two pallets - sale
- Pedestrian stackers suitable for handling in counterlevels - sale
- Heavy duty version with lifting up to 5.6 m - sale
- Stacker forklift trucks
- Stacker forklift trucks with standing operator
- Stacker forklift trucks with sitting operator
- Stacker forklift trucks with sitting operator for handling of two pallets
- Stacker forklift trucks with sitting operator and telescopic forks.
- Low level order pickers - sale:
- Trucks for low level order picking with lifting of driver's platform and fork - sale
- Trucks for low level order picking with scissor lift of fork - sale
- Trucks for low level order picking - sale
- Trucks for low level order picking with driver's platform lift - sale
- Trucks for low level order picking with fork lift.
- High level order pickers:
- Trucks for high level order picking
- Narrow aisle reach trucks
- Reach trucks with swivel fork for very narrow aisles
- Highly efficient trucks for narrow aisles.

Attachments sale
- Lateral displacements
- Adjustable forks
- Quad manipulators
- Roll clamps
- Bale clamps
- Swivel fork
- Fork clamps and other clamping equipment
- Jaws for white appliances.

Sale of tyres for all brands of material handling equipment, construction machinery and agricultural machinery:
- Pneumatic tyres for forklift trucks
- Super elastic tyres for forklift trucks
- Tyres for backhoe loaders
- Tyres for UNC, off-road trucks and loaders
- Tyres for 8-wheel excavators
- Tyres for skid steer loaders
- Agricultural tyres - sale
- Rubber belts - sale
- Replacement of tires
- Tire pressing
- Pressing of full rubber (super elastic) tires.

Handling equipment rental service
Hire of handling equipment
Short-term rental of handling equipment
Long-term rental of handling equipment
Handling equipment full service.

  • winter tyres, summer tyres, tires for cars and vans, tires for motorcycles, bicycle inner tubes, bike tyre valves
  • forklift trucks, conveyor belts, handling equipment, roller conveyers, band conveyors
  • special cranes, bridge cranes, rotary cranes, overhead systems, full-portal gantry cranes, assembly platforms, blocks and tackles, rail transport

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CNG filling stations provide easy handling and save time

CNG filling stations provide easy handling and save time

High-lift trucks powered by CNG fuel are very popular these days. They provide up to 50% savings of fuel costs and also quiet and smooth operation. However, companies that make use of this technology have to solve one basic issue – fueling. The most ideal solution is the possibility of placing the filling stations right on the company’s premises. Unfortunately, acquiring the CNG filling stations is not very cheap, which the BALKANCAR CZ s.r.o. company is also well aware of and thus offers their rental.

Rental of high lift trucks, Litoměřice, the Czech Republic

Rental of high lift trucks, Litoměřice, the Czech Republic

Our high lift truck rental is here for everyone who only needs handling equipment from time to time. How does our high lift truck rental service work? It is easy - all you have to do is choose the type and number of trucks and we will provide them for you. We offer high lift trucks with a load capacity from 1800 to 5000 kg, for a single day, as well as for two weeks or several months. You can choose, for instance, from the following trucks: - high lift trucks with the traditional DIESEL or LPG drive - these high lift trucks offer high performance, easy maintenance, low consumption and noise level - high lift trucks with the CNG drive - the operational costs of high lift trucks running on compressed natural gas are much lower compared to conventional fuels - battery trucks with the AC technology - designed for places where it is neccessary to meet strict hygiene and emission standards We provide high lift trucks of all kinds. Contact us and rent them for as long as you need.