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Borovanskeho 2206/6
Praha 5 155 00

Zaclony - Ladislav Danek

Our company offers and performs sewing of curtains, drapes and other decorations of home textile.

We specialize in comprehensive services in the field of sewing, sales and window curtains, drapes and other home textiles.
Curtains, drapes for apartments and offices.
Sale of these types of curtains and drapes:
 - synthetic, crease-resistant, non-flammable, colored
children, footage, ready .....

Sale, assembly, sewing:

- curtain, curtain, blind, pelmet
- curtains, drapes, blinds, pelmets

Sale, assembly, installation:
- Mounting of pelmets, pelmets
- Starting pelmets, pelmets
- curtain and curtain suspension systems
- Curtain brackets
- curtain rods
- horizontal and vertical blinds
- horizontal, aluminum, bamboo, wooden blinds
- blinds full shade, chain, ISSO
Vertical blinds (fabric, non-flammable, 89mm, 127mm)
- window blinds, fabric blinds
- window blinds
- mosquito nets
- installation of blinds, shutters
- installation of curtains and drapes.

We offer assistance in furnishing your apartment,
Interior design, design of curtains, curtains, blinds and pelmets
in your apartment.
Based on many years of experience we will make textile decorations for you from design to final realization.

Our knowledge and experience will enable us to create the optimal solution that suits you.

We provide a presentation directly in your apartment. After surveying and material selection we will calculate and final assembly in agreed time ..

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Zaclony - Ladislav Danek
Borovanskeho 2206/6
Praha 5 155 00
GPS: 50°2′19.54″ N, 14°20′29.98″ E

50°2′19.54″ N, 14°20′29.98″ E

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Borovanskeho 2206/6
Praha 5 155 00
+420 603 461 888

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