ANESO s.r.o.
Sprava nemovitosti Praha 6

We offer complete property management according to customer requirements.
We manage cooperative homes and real estate privatized by law.

You have a wide range of services to choose from, including:
 - preparation, registration and monitoring of rental contracts
 - control of units and timely payment of rent
 - Ensuring extensive repairs
 - technical and preventive inspections of technical equipment
 - service accounting
 - keeping, updating and archiving of technical records, passportization
 - Ensuring obligations under law, safety, hygiene and fire regulations
 - and many more.

Your property will take care of professionals from the fields:
 - own reports
 - rental regulations
 - heat operation
 - accountant and payroll accountant
 - legal office
 - fire protection and safety at work
 - and tax advisor.

We manage 2, 757 housing units under the ownership of 94 legal entities.

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ANESO s.r.o.


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+420 233 312 017

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