MONADA spol. s r.o.
Klinika komplexni rehabilitace Praha

Department of Complex Rehabilitation MUDr. Jiří Mark.
At our MONADA Comprehensive Rehabilitation Clinic you will be welcomed by a cozy home environment and friendly staff.
We combine classical European medical rehabilitation with proven methods of natural medicine.

A strictly individual treatment plan is built for each patient.

Treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis or in the form of a stay at a welfare center, where the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process is increased and fatigue from transport is reduced.

We also provide immobilized patients with rehabilitation care and subsequent regeneration directly in their apartments in cooperation with their family.

At the clinic we use the most modern and traditional methodologies and procedures:
- manual medicine - chiropractic
- individual physiotherapy
- electrotherapy
- Magnetotherapy
- laser
- acupuncture
- aurikulopunktura
- acupressure
- alternative therapies
- psychotherapy
- psychoanalysis.

Comprehensive foot care:
- podolological examination
- therapy
- manufacture of individual orthopedic insoles of Formthotics
- sale of orthopedic correction aids
- orthopedic shoes for sale Berkemann.

- classic massages
- lymphatic massages
- acupressure massage
- aromatic massages
- massage with lava stones
- sports massage.

Kinesiological analysis of athletes,
functional load compensation

At the clinic we treat:
- Musculoskeletal disorders
- acute and chronic spine pain
- acute and chronic limb pain
- acute and chronic joint pain
- foot arch and toe deformities
- muscle imbalance
- functional disorders
- conditions after spinal surgery
- conditions after injuries
- conditions following orthopedic surgery
- pelvic floor syndrome, coccyx
- functional female sterility
- headaches
- migraine
- psychosomatic diseases
- neurotic disorders
- neurological diseases.

Civilization diseases and addictions:
- quitting smoking
- weight reduction

Disorders of psychomotor development from infancy to adulthood, scoliosis and defective posture, deviations of motor development.

Gift vouchers for any service at our clinic.

For employers we provide:
- preventive and diagnostic care for employees
- drawing employee benefits

We organize:
- specialized courses for physicians and physiotherapists.

The clinic is a contractual partner of all health insurance companies.

Accredited workplace of the Ministry of Health in the field of:
- physiatry
- medical rehabilitation.

We are a clinical clinic for physiotherapy students of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport of Charles University.

We are partners of:
- Sodexo Pass
- Edenrad
- GTS Alive
- Le Check Déjeuner
- Benefit Management
- Benefits.

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