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Geotechnické práce

  • geodetic work, building setting out, engineering geodesy, geological work designing, carry out geological work, hydrogeological surveys, engineering-geological surveys

  • testing laboratories, product testing, quality review, independent testing, material certification

GEMATEST spol. s r.o. focuses on laboratory and field testing in the fields of engineering geology and geotechnics, analytical chemistry, ecology and mineralogy. Our activities are a continuation of the long tradition of GEOINDUSTRIA PRAHA and we carry out geotechnical reconnaissance works as well as control tests during construction, as well as laboratory tests of soils and rocks, sampling and expert consultancy in the field of geotechnics and engineering geology.
We are a member of GIS holding a.s. and we have modern instrumentation and a quality team of experts, technical and technical staff.

  - geotechnical surveying and control tests in the implementation of constructions
 - engineering geological survey work for buildings
 - assessment of ground and groundwater for foundation engineering
 - assessing the aggressiveness and effects of groundwater on building structures
 - expertise for spatial planning
 - assessment of rock extractability and disintegration
 - construction geotechnical supervision of the investor, supervision during the execution of earthworks
 - sampling of soil, rocks, aggregates, water
 - the design of recipes for the purpose of improving soil properties
 - selection of earth materials for sealing layers, embankments and backfills
 - geotechnical evaluation of properties and usability of soils, rocks, aggregates, building stone, gravel, etc.
 - carrying out compaction experiments and determining the embankment technology
 - field geotechnical tests of soil and soil
 - consultancy and expert advice in the field of geotechnics and engineering geology
 - cutting of rocks, stone, paving
 - preparation of samples for chemical analysis, grinding and crushing of samples
 - development of software specialized in laboratory and field geotechnical tests
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Accredited Testing Laboratory:
 - we perform geotechnical laboratory tests of soils, rocks, aggregates and other building materials
 - our laboratories are located at Vyšehradská Street 47, Prague 2; Janského 957, Černošice.

If you are interested in our services, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working together.

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