JANTAR-lakovna, spol. s r.o.

  • minor body works, repairs of cosmetic defects of bodywork, car bodywork repairs, bodywork smoothening, bodywork measurements

  • passenger car paint, bodywork paint repairs, minor body works, car paint mixing, metallic car paints

The company Autolakovna JANTAR-lakovna, spol. s r.o. based in Brno deals with painting of cars and commercial vehicles. We provide polishing faded varnishes and scratches on cars, body work, paint repairs and bodywork.

We use high quality SIKKENS varnishes. It provides a 5-year warranty according to the AKZO NOBEL certificate.

We paint all brands of cars and commercial vehicles - pastel, metallic, mother of pearl.

Painting work:
 - painting of car surfaces
 - We provide plumbing, straightening stands - Coiro

The varnishes are mixed in our computer controlled.
We also offer the sale of varnishes, hardeners, fillers or sealants.
We also operate a tire service for cars and towing service in our establishment.


Sikkens, Akzo Nobel, Coiro

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JANTAR-lakovna, spol. s r.o.


Moravanska 361/94
Brno 619 00

+420 723 330 331

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