SAGOS, spol. s r.o.

Trida T.Bati 1704; areal Toma, 66.budova, Otrokovice 765 02
Construction, reconstruction, modernization, general and routine repairs, service:
-machines with mechanical drive.
-leather machines, laboratory test barrels
-machines after GO and before
-spare parts for machines.
-engineering activity:
-machining work, machining
-locksmith work
-repairs of tanning machines

Moving bulky and heavy loads.
-engineering, machining and locksmith work
-reconstruction and modernization of machinery and equipment.

  • locksmith services, metal fabrication services, production of fences and lattices, railing and staircase manufacture, metal working
  • metal material turning, metal turning, metal grinding, aluminium milling, aluminium shaping, cnc machining
  • testing lines for industry, automatic assembly lines, manual workplaces for industry, production of single-purpose devices
  • sewing machines, embroidery machines, leather cutting machines, trimming equipment, leather-cutting band saws, fixing equipment, ironing equipment, press stud fixing equipment
  • constructions for industry, metal structures, engineering work, manufacture of metal equipment, production of tools

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