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MEDIUM International I. Ltd. company was established in 1995 as an organization engaged in sale of special substructure sealing components.

After expansion of activities by environmental constructions, we started to produce sealing systems of a new generation - bentonite-based systems.

They have become well-established both on the Czech and foreign markets. Nowadays, we are expanding also into Russia, Australia and USA.

Our products include:
- Injection systems horizontal, vertical, systematic
- Injection against rising damp
- Water-proof tapes
- Cable ducts Flexis
- Bentonite sealing strips (waterstops)
- Sealing plates and bentonite sealing cements
- Granulated bentonite
- Reconstruction of reinforced concrete structures
- Reconstruction of panel structures

Bentonite sealing strip:
It is used for sealing of dividing and dilatation joints and pipe and cable passages in the structural, civil and hydraulic engineering.
In particular:
- Between a concrete slab and vertical walls
- In a contact place of two different materials
- Between steel pipes and concrete structures
- In tunnels, water engineering structures, reservoirs, in dams and other ...

Sealing plates:
- Plates for sealing of joints - for daywork joints with insulating surface, they seal daywork joints, separate working grids. They are extremely efficient, owing to the special layer of carborundum sand.

Bentonite based plates for sealing of joints - plates of a new generation with bentonite based insulating surface.

They seal daywork joints and separate working grids reliably. They are characterized by high sealing ability due to bentonite mixture.

Bentonite sealing cement:
- Sealing and bonding cement in grey colour, it is manufactured on bentonite base
It features high elastic adhesion and adhesive power.

Bentonite quilts EUROBENT:
- Serve for sealing of biotopes, reservoirs, compost heaps, tanks, etc.
Single, double bentonite quilts
- Protect the environment
- Defined high impermeability
- Easy handling during installation

Water-proof tapes:
They are used as insulating bandage for waterproofing in a contact place of a floor and a wall. Another use is insulation of external and internal edges.
- Are designated per meter
- For insulation of external and internal corners

Granulated BENTONITE Bento:
- Fine-grained agent with various applicability in agriculture, construction industry, hydraulic engineering and ecology.
It is characterized by high content of montmorillonite, its abilities are:
- Ability to absorb - smells, vapours and air humidity, spilled oils and other liquids
- Reclamation ability - for fertilization of sandy soils and other surfaces which cannot keep moisture and nutrients within the root layer
- Sealing ability - sealing of structures, wells, sumps, dams

Injection systems:
- Are connection of two waterproofing systems in a concrete structure, a bentonite sealing strip with an injection hose in one
- Easy to use
- Easy handling and installation
- Smooth surface prevents a hose from "ingrowth" into concrete

Cable ducts FLEXIS:
- Their technical solution consists in integration of several HDPE (high density polythene) tubes
- Application in subways, underground, suspended structures, water-courses and other ...
- Application distance for one joint - from 1 m to 12 m (longer distances are possible)
- Protect cables against mechanical damage, load above a backfill and below it

Our company Medium International Ltd. is an employer of disabled people.

In Havlickuv Brod, we have a protected workshop which gives work to people with disabilities.
Business activity of the protected workshop is completing of cable harnesses for the automotive industry.


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