KOH-I-NOOR WALDES galanterie, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail sales of haberdashery and home textiles.

We offer home and meter textiles from leading Czech manufacturers such as Hybler, Mileta, Czech Textile

In our e-shop you will find an assortment of complete haberdashery textiles, home, meter textiles, baby diapers, blankets and pillows, baby textiles and, last but not least, bedding, towels, bath towels for the hotel program.

Assortment of textile haberdashery:
- zippers (zippers) - spiral, hidden, bone, metal, endless belts + sliders
- threads - polyester, cotton - stitch, gray, perforated, with metal fiber, elastic, monofilament and transparent, brilliant twine
- roving yarn, embroidery yarn - Mouline, Mouline ombré, Norma, Perlovka, Perlovka ombré,
- knitting yarn -Jarka, Darka
- crochet yarn-Cordonet, Snow White, Snow White ombré, School yarn
- knitting yarn (wool) - Toddler, Lada Luxus, Yetti, Gloria, Marlen, Standard, Rainbow, Bella, Classic, Exclusive, Mimi, Taurus, Atlas, Aja, Ajana, Karina, Tunč Zebra, Tunč Stela, Tunč Mevsim, Chemlonka and more
- buttons - threaded, double-sided, almond, shirt, children's, blouse, classic, hammered, mother-of-pearl, bodies for coating, manual spindle presses, pistons, tubes for buttons
- rubbers, elastics - underwear, hat, perforated, round, various widths, strengths
- padding - uncoated (blanks), coated, classic, raglan, needled, layered, with Velcro
- metal haberdashery - press studs (Baby, Roland, AutoMoto, WUK), pins (needling, glass or plastic head, closing), snaps (metal, UH), hooks, eyelets, buckles, fastening, half rings, needles (knitting, crochet, round), hooks, thimbles, toothpick
- brakes, terminals - plastic, metal (brass, antique brass, nickel, old nickel), trident
- ribbons - taffeta, satin, jute, hat, tricolors, velvets - various widths
- colors - loop, waistband, curtain, trouser protector, waist collars
- Velcro - various widths, colors, self-adhesive
- twills, canvases, straps - various widths, colors
- oblique stripes - ironed, satin, cotton - 2nd width, satin, various colors
- cords - twisted, slotter, cotton, rubber cords, notary twine
- chalks - tailor's, powder, sublimation, soap
- needles - machine, manual (basket, rose, tulip sets), blisters, etc.
- fringes, braids, ports, sockets, sequins, embroidery, lace, lace collars and inserts
- patches, iron-on transfers
- ironing patches - cotton, jeans, with pictures
- iron cleaner, rake, powder glue
- scissors - tailoring, tailoring
- beads - wooden, glass
- embroidery tablecloths, pictures, preprints –blue print, color print, with frame, without frame, embroidery cloths -KANAVA, PANAMA, TESILEN
- embroidery rings and frames - wooden, plastic, adjustable
- tailor's measures, calibrated meter, half a meter, mushrooms for grafting
- tailor's maidens - adjustable
- knits - rectangles, footage
- bones, point fastening, swimsuit and bra fastening (metal + PH)
- cupcakes for dresses and swimwear, push ups
- adhesive carpet edging
- men's, women's, children's,
- gloves - social and dance
- handkerchiefs, scarves,
- sales equipment - (stands, advertising panels, etc.)

Home textiles:
- pillows and blankets, cushions, covers
- bed linen - micro, cotton, crepe, damask, satin
- sheets - micro, terry, jersey, tarpaulins
- towels, tablecloths - cotton, PVC, aprons, gloves
- towels, bath towels - terry, micro, work
- blankets - microcrepe, sheep.

Children's and infant textiles
- pillows and blankets, small colored pillows
- diapers and bath towels white and with print
- wrappers, blankets, plush toys
- bed linen - micro, cotton, crepe
- sheets - micro, jersey, terry.

Meter textile
- cotton fabrics - Veba- Beta, Praporovina, Kanafas, overalls
- linings - polyester, acetate, satin, jersey (mesh)
- quilts - single-sided, double-sided
- non-woven fabrics, raschel inserts, tailor's canvases, mats - adhesive,

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