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The company focused on solution of special projects in human resources management area

- Service in any field of human resources management area
- Suitable mainly for companies where establishment of their own HR department would be finance- and time-consuming and for companies entering market and needing to implement HR processes quickly and in high quality and also recruit and train suitable staff
- HR officer provides - employee recruitment (processing of requirements, received curriculum vitaes, their record keeping, provision of feedback to applicants, candidate interviewing, organization of 2nd rounds with managers), employee service (processing of labour-law documents, contact with employees), managerial service (counselling for managers in the field of management, education, etc.), training organization, remuneration, dismissals (consultations with managers, document processing, communication with employees, termination materials, etc.).

- Proposal of recruitment process and documents (labour profiles, letters to applicants, graphic design of company presentation - advertising, web presentation, presentations at universities)
- Finding suitable suppliers of resources for effective recruitment - list of recruitment agencies, negotiation of favourable terms of cooperation
- Rules for in-house selection procedures
- Implementation of candidate evaluation system, training of managers in interviewing
- Database of candidates implementation
- Specialist in mass recruitment
- Quality methodology for choice of job applicants using Assessment Centres always modified according to client's specialization (manufacturing, finance, trade, service, quality, etc.).

Advantage of the Assessment Centre is the presence of more evaluators who assess a candidate from various points of view and according to various criteria during a longer time period. Therefore a final assessment is highly relevant and comprehensive.
- Selection of suitable candidates for various levels of posts, from management to key specialists or blue-collar workers
- Fast and effective staffing of individual positions
- Significant saving of client's cost for mass recruitment up to 40%
- Increase in motivation of employees and also their job-switching reduction

- Proposal for training of employees based on employee evaluation, superior's requirements and demands of specific job positions
- Organization - external sessions, sports games for team spirit strengthening and further company development
- Regular trainings for new employees
New methods of education:
- B2B management training
- Education of masters in Bohemia (training of masters)
- Lean management (lean manufacturing)
- Interview skills (effective carrying out of interviews)

FUNNELMIND is a new functional method for improvement of effectiveness of education projects and support of changes and innovations in a company.
- FunnelMind modern method
identifies causes of problems in the company and subsequently, based on them, an appropriate educational program or program of changes is choosen
- FunnelMind effective method
maximizes sorting and introduction of newly gained knowledge into practice
- FunnelMind reliable method
drawing from proven educational tools (coaching, team coaching, interactive and projective techniques, model situations, etc.) is the result of long-term collaboration of DMC management consulting, Ltd. and YELLOW POINT, Ltd. companies

TWI (Training Within Industry) is a highly effective educational method implementing basic slimming standards directly in a client's establishment.
TWI method contains four modules
- Job Instruction - how a manager should train employees, how to give instructions and to train in work operations correctly
- Labour relations - how to improve cooperation with other workers, it solves role of a manger, relationships in a workplace and team collaboration
- Working methods - practical application of Lean and other improvement methods in common practice - it solves how to make better use of materials, machinery and human resources
- Occupational safety - safety principles as a part of operating procedures - what are causes of accidents and injuries in a workplace.
TWI also offers a module for trainers and instructors of Train The Trainer. The program is a part of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and leads employees to standardization of TPS methods, implements these methods into common practice and teaches chief executives how to use them.

AC HUMMER - strategic evaluation game for managers and engineers
- Personality tests focused on quality, concentration, stress resistance, solving of problem situations
- Team games focused on capability of cooperation and communication, organizational skills, observance of instructions and methodologies, leadership
- Tests of manual dexterity
- Specialized tests: technology, quality, construction, electrical
- Ensuring of assessment centres to order or sale of the licence for AC Hummer


- Ensuring of quality background for optimization of processes in a company, evaluation of existing processes and suggestion of changes
- Project team management, making use of impartiality and not suffering from operational blindness.

- Method for regular employee assessment (turnkey preparation)
- Training of managers in communication with their subordinates during assessment, in motivation talks, but also in corrections and unpleasant messages
- Setting of employee assessment interconnection with other processes - wage changes, employee training, further professional growth.

- Preparation of simple, flexible and high-quality job descriptions that will become an instrument for management of the subordinates
- Implementation of process of changes of job descriptions and company organization
- Introduction of system of employee salary levels in relation to a job description and classification of an employee in a structure
- Incentive systems of employee remuneration - bonus programs, commission systems, employee benefits..

- Control of mass dismissal process, large-scale redundancies.

- Audit and implementation of HR processes
- Management audit - assessment of management abilities, comparison with a market, education plan, changes in evaluation of posts, organization structure and management processes
- One to one coaching - an effective way how to educate their own personnel manager.

  • outsourcing of company processes, rent of external resources, IT services outsourcing, HR administration outsourcing, outsourcing of accounting and bookkeeping, corporate costs reduction
  • business consulting, management consultancy, corporate strategy creation, development of competency models, performance management counselling
  • orientation in labour legislation, hr planning, employee recruitment system, employee motivation system development, human resources
  • language courses for companies, special courses for businesses, evening classes for firms, lectures for staff, adult education

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