Genetika Ostrava s.r.o.

Company Genetika Ostrava s.r.o. specializes in comprehensive genetic examination - oncogenetics, amniocentesis, congenital or hereditary defects, mental disability, examination of pregnant women, genetic consultation, tests - prenatal non-invasive tests.

The examinations are paid by the health insurance company.

Reasons for examination:
- children and adults with congenital defects or suspicion
 for genetic diseases - clinical examination, compilation of pedigrees, study of documentation and findings, blood collection for laboratory examination

- spouses and partners with fertility disorders - examination of a couple with 2 or more abortions
- sterility for unclear causes
- examination before artificial fertilization
- examination of semen donors and egg donors
- build pedigrees
- blood collection for laboratory testing

- oncogenetic examinations of patients with tumors or oncological load in family trees
- we also provide oncology consultation
- the aim is to clarify the risk of cancer and to find out whether the family is not a congenital tumor hereditary predisposition

- examination in pregnant women:
- assessment of drugs, infections, X-ray and other effects - their risks
- Examination in pregnant women with diabetes
- epilepsy and other chronic diseases
- prenatal diagnostics - evaluation of inborn defects screening
- consultation in the event of poor results
- amniocentesis - amniotic fluid withdrawal - mainly due to increased risk of Down's disease
- chorionic villi collection (CVS) - from the blood of a pregnant woman - risk of cleft abdominal wall or spine, Down syndrome etc.
- consultation with pregnant women over 35 years

Of course there are friendly consultations and respect of clients' opinions and wishes.

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