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Tesarstvi a prodej reziva Brno

The company MÍK s.r.o. - Carpentry and sale of lumber Brno - deals with the sale of lumber and boards and also their supply for civil and industrial buildings. We implement complete wooden buildings. We also provide engineering services.

Our primary focus is the sale of lumber and its delivery for civil engineering. You can buy lumber from us for your buildings and wooden structures. We supply and install trusses of houses and lofts. We also make equipment for gardens, playgrounds or restaurant equipment, such as cottages, tools, garages, gazebos, pergolas, terraces, benches, bridges, fences or game elements for playgrounds (swings, slides, garden houses, climbing frames, etc.)

We custom-manufacture and supply lumber for entire wooden buildings, both family houses and weekend cottages. Subsequently, we will ensure their construction and completion.

In the field of industrial construction, we deal with roofing of buildings. We will also provide wooden constructions of halls, warehouses or garages. We also make their equipment, namely built-ins, partitions, tiles, floors, ramps and bridges and others.

We also provide engineering activities. This consists not only in providing project documentation, but also the implementation of craftsmanship, which is related to the completion of the complete work. In this regard, we provide plumbing, roofing, locksmith and electrical work.

Last but not least, our carpentry sells decking, as well as transport and packaging elements for companies. We custom manufacture atypical pallets, shipping boxes, liners or wedges.

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