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FAGRON a.s. is a company based in Olomouc, Czech Republic, in the European Union. As the world leader in the market of compounded medications, Fagron cooperates not only with pharmacists but also with physicians and universities. In the pharmacy sector, it is a well-known specialist focusing on chemicals, pharmaceutical materials and raw products, and medicinal products, supplying them all over the Czech and Slovak Republic and also abroad.

Fagron has revived the importance of compounded drug preparation because of the potential expansion of currently existing therapeutic procedures, thereby strengthening the position of the pharmacist in compounded drug preparation for patient healthcare.

With our pharmaceutical raw materials, innovative foundations and wide range of services, we guarantee not only the quality of our products, but also their ease of use.

The Fagron Academy aims to promote and increase the importance of individual preparation of medicines in pharmacies in cooperation with specialist doctors through training courses and interactive seminars focused on selected topics, such as optimizing individual patient care in the area of compounded drug preparation, supporting cooperation between pharmacies and physicians to expand existing procedures, establishing new standards in compounded drug preparation, new formulations of individually prepared compounded medicines and the use of new substances.

The FAGRON Academy organizes interdisciplinary seminars with the participation of physicians and pharmacists that provide many more details regarding field work, practical experience and case studies. In this way, these seminars increase the benefits for the practice of these professions and contribute to the important interconnection between the doctor, patient, and pharmacist.

Come and be inspired by the new directions and practices in the area of compounded product preparation in accordance with global trends!

Manufacture, sale and distribution of pharmaceuticals for physicians, pharmacists, laboratory technicians and industry:
- pharmaceutical raw materials and products
- laboratory chemicals
- medicinal products
- teas and herbs
- auxiliary pharmaceutical material
- special medical supplies
- disinfection and antiseptic products
- compounded drug preparation
- laboratory - N1B

In recent years, the company has launched and greatly expanded its activities and range of products in the manufacture of non-sterile medicinal products, semi-solid and liquid forms:
- creams, ointments, solutions, emulsions, gels, suspensions, drug carriers, pastes and syrups.

We also run an e-shop where you can select from a wide range of medicines and pharmaceutical materials:
- disinfectants, individually compounded products, packaging materials
- teas, food supplements, gelatin capsules
- laboratory chemicals, glassware
- narcotic and psychotropic medicines and their precursors
- reagents.

Galenika Pharmacy
- The pharmacy employs qualified staff led by PharmDr. Sylva Klovrzová and has modern laboratory equipment enabling them to process requests for individual preparation of high-quality medicinal products from all over the Czech Republic.

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