ZWT s.r.o.

Susilovo namesti 15/23, Rousinov 683 01
Retail, wholesale, sale:
-glue, KLEIBERIT glues
-pneumatic coupling tools and PREBENA coupling material:
-stapling, nailing and combined pistols
-hand stapler, staplers
-machines for joining veneer using KUPER fusible fiber, including manual machines
-abrasive agents from the Austrian company BOHR.

  • manual electric tools, workshop tools, professional instruments, belt sanders, domestic do-it-yourself, cordless drills
  • protective coating compositions, synthetic and universal paints, diluents and solvents, oil paints and boiled oils
  • screws and nuts, anchor equipment, threaded rods, nails and washers, metal fasteners
  • grinding discs, cutting discs, diamond discs, fibre cutting discs, grinding belts and fleece

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