Ing. Jiri Tesarik

Borsovska 3173, Kyjov 697 01

Information on the entity cannot be verified.
Reg. No.: 49940325
VAT No.: CZ6209271365
District: Hodonin
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: entrepreneur with trade license
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: less then 185 thousand €
Contact person: Ing. Jiří Tesařík

  • computer sets, games and consoles, laptops and tablets, memory card readers, flash drives, keyboards and mouses
  • PC components, copiers and printers, computers and scanners, computer software, telecommunication equipment, calculators and data banks
  • computer services, programming services, installation of operating systems, data backup, recovery of lost data, PC system speed up, replacement of computer components
  • visual communication, functional websites, provision of web design services, website complete carrying out

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