STRECHY Reiner, s.r.o.
Realizace strech Liberec

  • sound insulation, heat insulation, roof insulation, insulation of terraces, insulation of substructures, insulation of swimming pools, insulation against chemicals

  • roofing work, tinsmith's work, laying of roof coverings, roofing repairs, manufacturing of tinsmith's components, tinsmith's element installation

  • manufacture roof trusses, roof timber repairs, production of gazebos and pergolas, manufacture shelters and sheds, manufacture of wooden huts, log cabin production, manufacture of wooden houses

  • solid wood furniture, joinery manufacturing, wooden windows and doors, custom cabinets, kitchen units

  • installation of air-handling equipment, air-conditioning installation and repairs, air-conditioner service

  • thermal insulation of house, roof repair, attic replacement, thermal insulation of building cladding, insulation of windowsills, window ledges replacement, replacement of railings, reconstruction of flats, restoration of houses, rehabilitation of plinths, substitution of lightning conductors, replacement of windows and doors

Our company is engaged in the complete realization of all types of roofs, using the highest quality materials and the latest technology. We are also engaged in production and assembly of HVAC equipment for industrial, utility and residential areas. Part of our activity is also plumbing and small locksmith production, for which we have sufficient space and capacity.

We work all over the Liberec Region.

Pitched roofs:
- roof coverings for standing seams
- concrete coverings (Bramac, KM Beta, Besk)
- asphalt shingles (Iko, CRC, Katepal, Icopal, Teglas)
- baked bags (Meindl, Tondach)
- fiber-cement coverings (Cembrit, Eternit)
- slate (including artificial slate)
- sectional metal sheeting including trapezoidal (Lindab, Ranilla)
With all these materials we perform the most complicated orders, including carpentry.
We are holders of all necessary certificates and certificates; every year we receive training of BRAMAC, VELUX, ROTO, IKO, ISOLA, VEDAG, DEKTRADE, RHEIZINK, PREFA, LINDAP, SATJAN and others.

Flat roofs:
- asphalt modified SBS strips
- we mainly use Böscher Hoofmann and Vedag products
- using the latest technological procedures, we perform roof reconstruction using the system of anchored SOLO strips from modified asphalt

Bottom insulation:
- in most cases we perform full-surface melting of the modified strip

- anchored systems PVC and Polyolefin, products Cosmofin, Syntofoil, Vaeplan, Vedaplan etc.

Roof windows:
- We install Velux, Roto, Prima fenestra roof windows
- We are a regional contract partner of Velux for the installation of roof windows and Velux decorative and shading accessories

- in cooperation with Klima-Komplex
- we manufacture and install air handling equipment for industrial, utility and residential buildings

- we have sufficient production capacity for comprehensive plumbing and air-conditioning orders

Other work:
- reconstruction of chimney bodies
- minor construction work


Cosmofin, Syntofoil, Vaeplan, Vedaplan

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