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Oslavice 225, Oslavice 594 01
We provide cleaning and renovation of parts by cabin sandblasting, blasting and micro-blasting. Removal of oxidation, dirt, rust, carbon, paint - revitalization of appearance, unification of surfaces. Ballot paper is also used for the renovation of aluminum parts or blasting of stainless steel materials.
blasting corundum corundum silicon carbide natural garnet is used for blasting microblasting sandblasting renovation ...

Sandblasting motifs in glass and ceramics.

Custom metal production.
Fine sandblasting, blasting.
Locksmith production, sale
- grates, grilles, gates, railings
- plain composite bearings
- shafts
- flanges
- Gears
- chain bikes
- products for the cable industry
- tips
- matrices
- spikes
- design, construction and manufacture of machines
- manual bursting device for measuring ductility Cu, Al
- cooling device
- guide rollers
- printing wheels and segments
- unwinders
- winches
- equipment for measuring the lengths of cables, wires, etc.
- exhaust rings
- compression rollers
- special connecting material
- washers

  • metal gates, metal fences, metal fence posts and parts, metal fence surface finishing
  • promotional sand blasting, glass sand blasting, ceramic sand blasting, metal sand blasting, minor surface finishes of metals
  • nickel galvanisation of metals, decorative chromium plating of sheet metal, metal sand blasting, metal galvanisation, sheet metal zinc coating
  • custom metalworking, staircases and railings, gates and fences, steel structures, locksmith production, locksmithery services
  • engineering production, metal processing, steel structures, building metalworking, structures welding, metal machining

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