HULMAN - kovosrot s.r.o.

Our company HULMAN-kovošrot s.r.o. specializes in the purchase, processing and sale of ferrous and metal waste. Our services also include takeover, processing and subsequent ecological disposal of car wrecks in Pohořelice, Moravský Krumlov, or Ivančice.

Our company mainly provides services to dozens of companies producing metal waste and is currently one of the major processors of metal waste. Since its foundation, we have been a direct supplier to Czech and foreign steelworks and foundries. We own certification according to ISO 9001 standard and since 2013 according to ISO 14001 environmental management system requirements.
You can find us in Pohořelice in the former coal storage area near the railway station, but we operate several other premises, namely in Moravský Krumlov, Vémyslice, Brno-Chrlice and a stop near Brno.
Within the scrap metal operation we provide:
- lending of suitable containers for storing metallic waste free of charge
 - borrowing of classic, ecological and closable containers of various sizes
 - We deliver the containers within 24 hours after reporting the removal

HULMAN - kovrotrot s.r.o. is engaged in sorting of various types of metal waste by X-ray apparatus (spectrometer or sigmatest). We weigh all the material on digital scales and process the waste by cutting, baling and burning. We also focus on the dismantling and disposal of technological equipment, machinery, trucks, agricultural machinery, halls, shelters and more.Zajišťujeme Saturday's collection of so-called folk collection for schools, children's homes, sports clubs or volunteer fire brigades.

Our other activities include the purchase of ecological disposal of car wrecks. We are authorized for the ecological disposal of car wrecks. We buy car wrecks according to the current price list, while the car wreck does not have to be complete, the price for 1 kg remains the same. In addition, if necessary, we provide transport of immobile or without a valid vehicle technical certificate. The price in this case decreases by 0, 20 CZK / kg. We also buy car batteries.

Concluding contracts with companies always - personal negotiations. Work throughout the Republic.

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