Krematorium Ostrava, a.s.
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  • transport of the deceased, burials and interments, cremation of the deceased, coffin sale, rental of halls for funerals, hearse hire

We cannot alleviate your grief, but we can help you decide how to accompany a loved one who has left you on your last journey.

The Ostrava Crematorium provides professional funeral services and cremations for the entire Ostrava region. The farewell of your choice can take place in a large or small ceremonial hall.

We are able to offer the bereaved various forms of mourning farewell.

Ceremonies overview:
- a standard civil mourning ceremony, which takes place in a large air-conditioned ceremonial hall
- farewell in a close family circle, which takes place in an air-conditioned lounge in the crematorium, which has a capacity of 7 seats and a maximum of 5 standing places
- private farewell
- farewell without ceremony
- exhibition without ceremony.

The ceremonial hall of our crematorium also serves as a place for reverent farewell to the deceased, who will then be buried in the grave or tomb. After the ceremony, the relevant funeral service will transport the coffin, including flower gifts, to the grave in the relevant cemetery.

Music is an integral part of mourning ceremonies. The ceremonial hall is well sounded. Our repertoire will satisfy even the most demanding listener, whether in the field of secular or spiritual music. If you still do not choose from our offer, we are ready to play the desired songs from the original CDs you have brought.