STAVBY Skrobanek s.r.o.

Vrablovecka 1355/38a, Ludgerovice 747 14
Company STAVBY Škrobánek s.r.o. focuses mainly on the implementation of water and transport structures, utilities, earthworks, liquidation (remediation) of old loads of municipal waste landfills and also construction of gabion structures. We are based at Vráblovecká 1355 / 38a, Ludgeřovice, Opava district.

Construction activity, work, construction:
- water management structures
- construction and repair of dry polders and drainage systems
- restoration and establishment of wetland ecosystems
- ecological buildings
- disposal of old loads of municipal waste dumps, pond sediment
- disposal of contaminated substances, hazardous waste
- transport structures (roads, sidewalks, cycle routes, forest roads)
- utilities, sewage treatment plants, waste water treatment plants
- earthmoving and excavation work, demolition
- gabion constructions.

- trucking.

Machinery equipment:
- wheeled, tracked and walking excavators
- loader
- Hammer.

Our company has many years of experience in the construction industry, it uses modern machines and guarantees professional level and high quality of performed work.

  • domestic freight transport, truck transport, railway transport of goods, trailer combination
  • foundation excavations, excavations for heat pumps, pool pit excavations, earth movement, demolition works
  • water treatment, sewage treatment, home water purification plant, equipment for water management, environmental projects
  • construction of water dams, construction of hydro power plants, drainage object constructions, waterways adaptations
  • road construction, tramway line construction, tunnel digging, bridge reconstructions, street repairs
  • building construction, water pipelines, sewer connections, gas pipelines and sewerage, construction activity, transport communications

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