Oldrich Drapal

Kloboucek 587/43, Brno-Zebetin 641 00
Small family winery, production and sale:

-straw white, red wines
-straw wine white, red
-Rulandan gray 04, straw
-Riesling 04, straw
-Veltlín red early 04, straw
-Tramine red 04, straw
-Chardonnay 04, straw
-Frankovka 04, straw
-Ruland blue, 04, straw.
Annual production of about 20, 000 bottles with a volume of 0, 2 and 0, 3 l, making it one of the largest producers of straw wines in our country.

  • red and white wines, rosé wine, quality wines, attributive wines, late harvest, selection of berries, cuvee wine, gift wine, corporate wines

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