Karton plus spol. s.r.o.

The proven manufacturer and seller of boxes of various types and sizes, such as paper, cardboard, flap, folding or lid boxes, is the company Karton plus spol. s.r.o. based in Prostějov. We are able to deliver the boxes not only to customers in Prostějov, but also in Olomouc, Blansko, Přerov, Vyškov, Boskovice and around Brno-venkov.

We are engaged in the production and sale of cardboard and paper packaging made of corrugated cardboard - three-layer (including microwaves) and five-layer or plain cardboard of various weights.

Our production is focused on boxes:
- cardboard, which is our main production. We produce folding (sewn, glued or taped with tape), retractable packaging even without flaps and archiving for order and clarity in documents

- cover, which is mainly used for storing various goods

- coated from smooth cardboard according to customer's wish. We will be happy to help you choose the right cardboard and lining paper. This technology enables quality printing. Use will find packaging of goods of all kinds (for children's and party games, textile products and more)

- uncoated - without lining paper

- with or without printing - we can add your company logo, text or simple graphics

- with screen printing - on customer's request we print with screen printing

- die-cut - which can be produced in a large number of different sizes, we produce them using a chopping machine

- folding packaging - three-layer, five-layer and smooth cardboard, grids of smooth and three-layer cardboard

 - cardboard boxes for pallets - folding, square tubes, transport boxes - protects your products not only during transport

 - decorative, decorative - lid, folding, die-cut. Available in natural or colored paper. We have a large selection of coated materials, but it is possible to deliver your own country or order. Decorative cardboard packaging is suitable for wrapping wine, toys, gifts, etc. and we produce them as lid, folded and die-cut.

 - Wedding boxes and candy are made in white-brown or brown-brown. They are of various sizes, colors and materials. Dimensions can also be made according to customer's wishes.

Carton inserts:
 - grilles, cardboard inserts, which, as a simple corrugated cardboard blank, stabilizes and fixes the goods in boxes or pallets and also serves for easier packaging
 - glued (paper) protective cardboard prisms.

We also provide:
 - Binding of diploma theses and books (half-cloth, all-cloth, half-leather)
 - production of paperback bindings, menu boards, binder boards
 - production of cardboard labels, cardboard protective corners, double-layer cardboard in rolls.

You can view and buy our produced boxes and additional goods at our shop, which is located in Prostějov on Martinákova 7 street.

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