SiS silnicni stavitelstvi s.r.o.

Bystrcka 1183/34, Brno 624 00
The company is bankrupt.

  • water line digging, sewerage digging, underground utility construction, construction of surface roads, pavement and sidewalk construction, landscaping and ground work
  • water underground utilities, sewage utilities, water-service pipes, sewer connections, heat distribution, power distribution networks
  • oiled wastewater treatment plants, biological stale water treatment plants, plastic retention tanks
  • construction of roads and motorways, bridge construction, highway construction, construction of crossings, construction of railway network
  • new buildings of residential houses, new flats for sale, new apartments for rent, parking spaces in new buildings, garages in new buildings
  • office buildings, commercial buildings, shopping centres and malls, public buildings, health care facilities
  • constructions of multipurpose playfields, construction of separate gyms, construction of halls including race tracks, construction of sports stadium with accessories
  • sewage treatment plants, waterways and water routes, construction of sewerage systems, water corridors, construction of water canals, construction of water dams, water-power plants, hydroelectric pumped storage power plants

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