Zpracovani kovu Praha

Výroba náhradních dílů

There are divisions of metalworking, production of spare parts and logistics, robotics and project management, chemical processing and electronics and consumer goods in the Czech Republic.

Steel department provides supply of steel products, such as rods, wires, pipes and flat products in wide range of versions.

We offer these products in cooperation with strategic partners worldwide and we trade in 14 million tons of steel products yearly. Within our own production in the Czech Republic and Turkey, we are able to offer transverse and longitudinal cutting of steel coils (carbonaceous and stainless material), shaped cut pieces and pressings.

Our service centre in Turkey also provides cutting and laminating operations of electrotechnic steel. In cooperation with strategic partners, we provide services such as bending, forging, welding, upsetting, machining or surface treatment of material.

Electronics department provides distribution association with producers of electronic components, global searching of parts and components, strategic partnerships within and outside Europe. It also provides support in the field of checking of prices, quality and documentation. The services include also provision and coordination of completing services within EMS companies in Europe.

Plastics department is engaged in domestic sales, import and export, trade with third countries, quality management, store checking, production of components for automotive industry and home electronics, production of rubber and resin mixtures.

Global parts department is in charge of quality checking and inspection, insurance, provision of documentation (PPAP, 8D, IMDS), international global supplier networking.

Machinery department
Project Machinery focuses on sale, import and export, installation and relocation work, support in certificates CE and EMC - this means on overall project management.
Jyobihin Machinery is focused on offering of spare parts and consumables for manufacturing (delivery check, technical support, storage safety).

Non-Ferrous metal department focuses on trading, logistic services (checking of stores and orders, quality verification, transport, storage) and recycling.

Warehouse department is engaged in storage, quality inspection, FIFO management, thorough inspection of orders according to customer's requirements and repackaging.

Czech Companies:    Car parts and accessories,  Electronic devices and components,  Ferrous and non-ferrous metals,  Industrial chemicals,  Metallurgical material,  Plastic semifinished products,  Single-purpose and special machines,  
Themes: Rental of warehouses, storage premises Kolin, steel products, electronic components, metalworking