Primatep s.r.o.

J. K. Tyla 2859/1, Teplice 415 01
PRIMATEP Ltd. company is above all engaged in building operations, such as common buildings, installation of chimneys, thermal insulation, consultancy or chimney work.

- Supply and installation of Schiedel chimney systems
- Cleaning of combustion gas flues
- Inspections and checks of flueways
- Chimney parts
- Lining
- Flue gas ductings
- Freestanding chimneys
- Chimneys anchored to a building
- Accredited measurement of small pollution sources.

Consulting activities:
- Flueway design
- Draw calculations
- Solution repair adjustment.

Construction activity:
- Repairs and maintenance
- Heat insulation
- Investor technical supervision

Property maintenance and management.

  • apartment administration, administrator of the association of apartment owners, boiler room management, janitor services, building cleaning, facility management, facility manager
  • roof insulation, terrace insulation, understructure insulation, running water insulation, heat insulation
  • chimney examinations, chimney sweeping, inspections of chimneys, flue lining, flue gas measurement, camera examinations of flueways
  • chimney system assembly, brick chimneys, stainless chimneys, chimney reconstructions, chimney accessories
  • new buildings of residential houses, new flats for sale, new apartments for rent, parking spaces in new buildings, garages in new buildings
  • construction of shopping centres, construction of polyfunctional buildings, construction of industrial buildings, construction of sports grounds
  • oil platforms, industrial factories, power plants, brewery facilities, textile mills, engineering factories, industrial furnaces, industrial warehouses, ironworks plant
  • thermal insulation of house, roof repair, attic replacement, thermal insulation of building cladding, insulation of windowsills, window ledges replacement, replacement of railings, reconstruction of flats, restoration of houses, rehabilitation of plinths, substitution of lightning conductors, replacement of windows and doors

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Cleaning of flue ways Teplice, removing soot from chimneys, the Czech Republic

Cleaning of flue ways Teplice, removing soot from chimneys, the Czech Republic

The Primatep s.r.o. company from Teplice carries out cleaning of flue ways. Cleaning of flue ways means removing solid particles (soot) that cling to the chimney's walls during the operation. We provide one-time or regular maintenance, inspections and checks of flue ways. In case of the regular inspections you do not have to watch the dates. More information can be found at our website.