Vysoka skola chemicko-technologicka v Praze


Budova školy

The University of Chemical Technology in Prague, together with its excellent international reputation and top-notch instrumentation, opens up opportunities for every student to participate in scientific projects of their choice, enables internships abroad and is subsequently a ticket to prestigious, well-regarded employment at home and abroad. Our school allows you to study not only traditional required fields, but also new study programs that correspond to the latest trends. We are located at Technická 1905/5, Prague 6.

University of Chemical Technology:
- Bachelor's degree
- Master's degree
- doctoral studies
- study in the Czech language for foreigners.

- Faculty of Chemical Technology
- Faculty of Environmental Protection Technology
- Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
- Faculty of Chemical Engineering.

University Center of the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague - Unipetrol:
- bachelor's and master's programs
- Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Energy and Fuels, Food Technology.
V Záluží 1, Litvínov 1, tel .: 220 444 444, 733 690 897.

The discharge for ICT Prague is a good ticket to a promising and prestigious application in the research, technology and management spheres in the Czech Republic and abroad.