Pila Novotny Jilemnice

K pile 588, Jilemnice 514 01
The Novotný sawmill processes wood of non-standard dimensions.
We focused on an assortment of atypical products for family houses, cottages, cottages and other buildings, trusses, ties, tiles, floors and more.

Timber iskelet constructions, we can supply you directly in the dried state. You don't have to wait for the massive log beams to dry.

Our production also includes tiling and flooring materials, both for old cottages and modern interiors

In our warehouse there is a large assortment of wet and dried material, which you can take away immediately.

Saw, production.
- building timber - trusses
- joinery timber
- tiling materials, floorboards, floorboards
- profiles for the production of wooden buildings
- log houses, log cabins, weekend cottages, garden cottages
- wooden buildings, sandwich constructions
- drying, impregnation, planing, gluing, grinding
- carpentry work
- windows, doors
- eight oils
- fake logging
- gable boards, slats, planks
- dried timber
- rustic floors, terraces

Construction of wooden buildings.

We will build traditional log cabins and modern wooden buildings. We dry all constructions. This makes construction faster and the wood is free of beetles and mold. With log houses, you don't have to wait two years for the timber beams to come down. We have professional craftsmen and, thanks to our production, we use quality materials.

  • summer house production, wood structure implementation, wood structure making, wooden element repairs
  • wooden structures, wood stairs, wood beams, building design, mobile dwelling, camper vans, recreational vehicles and caravans, wooden houses
  • floorboards and boards, wooden building material, battens and planks, wooden cases, beams and squared timber
  • wooden semi-finished products for decoration, wooden components, wooden boards and boxes, wooden items, sawmill products, planks and squared timber
  • sawmill production, coniferous joinery timber, broadleaved joinery timber, lumber impregnation, planing of lumber, work with timber loader

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