PENZION u Urbana
Vinospol, spol. s r.o.

Udolni 1076, Mutenice 696 11

  • mountain bike rental, road bike hire, accommodation for cyclists, recreation on bicycles
  • accommodation in pensions, family accommodation, full board, sanitary facilities
  • viticultural tourist program, wine tasting, wine cellar, gastronomical experiences
  • ready meals, selection of soups, range of appetizers, regional specialities, meat dishes, meatless meals, range of desserts, side dishes, rental of restaurant space, holding celebrations
  • tour of wine cellar, sitting in wine bar, wine tasting, free wine degustations, guided wine degustations, sale of wines from cellar
  • accommodation and events for companies, facilities for training and accommodation, congresses and workshops with accommodation, corporate presentations and courses, convention centre, corporate parties

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