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Technologie pro soustavy domovnich COV

SATTURN HOLESOV spol. s ro (1992) is an important private company based in the Zlín Region. He specializes in electronic communications and information technology in connection with projects in the field of environmental protection.

The main products of the company are the construction and operation of data networks, cable television information channel, systems for warning the population, monitoring and telemetry in the environmental field, focusing on the systems of domestic WWTP.

It also operates in the field of photofoltaics and in the field of electrical installations, the company is a proven supplier of public lighting.

Complementary production program of the company consists of digital notice boards and sports LED panels.

The company has been actively involved in long-term research and development program projects in cooperation with public universities in the Czech Republic.

Currently, SATTURN HOLEŠOV is setting a nationwide trend in the area of “Decentral wastewater treatment with a telemetric control system” in rural areas and remote local areas where it is economically inefficient to build central sewage systems.
This technology enables the construction of municipal systems of domestic WWTPs connected by on-line monitoring with the possibility of remote control of operational states of individual WWTPs.

The company has been continuously designing, constructing and servicing photovoltaic - solar power plants installed on the roofs of buildings since 2009. The prestigious photovoltaic building was the realization of the photovoltaic facade of a modern cultural house in Kozienice, Poland.

A customer-attractive product of the company is the AVST Channel PRO SW application, which is used for creating, planning and broadcasting not only the municipal / city information channel in cable TV, but also the corporate or school A / V circuit.
On its platform was built application for public administration, which is a digital notice board.

In the area of sports facilities equipment, the company offers LED light panels, which are popular especially in football stadiums of lower performance classes.



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