Bohemia Bag s.r.o.

U Traktorky 355/10, Znojmo - Oblekovice 671 81
We are a company from the Czech Republic and specialize in the production of large-volume bags. These bags will be used in various industries (construction, food, chemical) and agriculture. Our main products include standard bags - BIG BAGs, form-stable bags and special bags. They are especially suitable for transport and storage of all types of bulk materials, such as fertilizers, salts, chemicals, synthetik granulates, food, animal fodders, toxic waste, as well as cement, minerals, metals and other materials.
We are also engaged in buying, cleaning and selling used bags.

Our bulk bags are made of polypropylene materials and are 100% recyclable and UV-stabilized.
All bags produced by us are strictly controled, both during production and at the end of production, which guarantees 100% quality of our products.
Bags can be made in any size and in any design, we can adapt to the wishes of our customers.

- large-volume bags, BIG-BAGs, container bags made of polypropylene fabric and polypropylene foil.
For transportation and storage of all kinds of loose mixtures.

Types of bags:

Standard bags:
- for storage of fertilizer, salt, chemicals, synthetic granules, food, animal fodders, toxic waste, cement, minerals and metals

Form-stable bags:
- bags remain form-stable (square, rectangular)
- have cut holes in the reinforcement so that the material is filled up to the corners of the bag during filling and storage
- allows up to 30% reduction in cosi

Special bags:
- for hazardous materials
- electrically conductive BIG-BAGs - allow the electrostatic charge to drain from the bag and prevent dangerous electrical shocks
- electrically insulative BIG-BAGs - the fabric lasts at 4 kV

- purchase, cleaning - used bags

  • manufacture of packaging technology, waste bags, plastic bags and foils, industrial packaging foils, bubble foils

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Form stable Big Bags production for storage of loose material from the Czech Republic

Form stable Big Bags production for storage of loose material from the Czech Republic

Form stable bags Q-BAGs, produced by Bohemia Bag company s.r.o. in the Czech Republic, are used for storage any loose material with maximal space saving. If you need efficiently store loose material, which stay squared or rectangular after filling up, try the solution from Bohemia Bag s.r.o. Our business focuses on the production and selling form stable BIG-BAGs, containing by the heat or ultrasound cutted out an aperture in the reinforcement, which guarantee that the material gets to the corners of the Q-BAGs during the filling and storing. By using our bag you much better use a space and reduce moreover than 30% of your costs. All the bags and sacs we made of polypropylene fabric, which is from 100% recycled, resistant to the sunshine and stand out high quality. For our customers, whether from the Czech Republic or foreign countries, we try to produce bags of various sizes and deliver them in the shortest possible time. For more information, please visite our website.