BS-textil s.r.o.

  • technical fabrics, geotextiles, filter cloths, waterproof fabrics, nonwoven and jute fabrics, cleaning rags, cleaning cotton, technical felt, laminated canvas

  • metal belt clamps, decorative sequins, plastic beads, organza and laces, buttons, glued stones, leather haberdashery

Our wholesale upholstery has a wide range of jacquard, leafy chenille and flat upholstery fabrics, decorative fabrics and mattresses, including their quilts, microfases, leatherette and 3D fabrics.

You will also find Belgian upholstered multicolored jacquard jacquard plush and double ply - also in uni finish.
We expanded the segment of pile fabrics to include jacquard upholstery plushes for bus, tram and trolleybus seats in the pile composition - wool + nylon or polyester in their own pattern.

Our product range also includes textile and metal haberdashery for:
- upholstery
- technical fabrics
- fabrics for hotel program
- health and protective clothing
- bed linen
- children's bedding with children's motives
- luxury blankets

We specialize in non-combustible textiles made of modified polyester fiber TREVIRA CS intended for public areas, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, hotels, guest houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals and senior homes, meeting the Ministry of Interior Decree No. 23/2008 Coll.
We also develop and design new designs and colors for these fabrics according to customer requirements or designs.

Wholesale, sale, distribution:

- upholstery and curtain fabrics
- upholstery haberdashery
- home textiles
- mattresses
- technical fabrics, fabric
- luxury blankets, towels, tablecloths
- non-flammable programs for hotels


- non-flammable PES plush in stock available in 5 colors
- CRYPTON-treated substances
- fabrics for the automotive industry, fabrics with TREVIRA CS.

Our substances range from 40 CZK to 1000 CZK. For more information do not hesitate to visit our website, or contact us at email address. We will be happy to help and advise you.

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