Klimatizace pro drážní vozy

The company Ladislav Sebetka - EKOKLIMA:
- based in Chocen and operating in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovak Republic and Poland.

We supply and install:
- air conditioning for vehicles
- cabs of construction and agricultural machinery, tractors, trucks
- workplaces for drivers of buses, locomotives, trams and trolleybuses
- air conditioning of buses, minibuses and ambulances
- air conditioning of residential cells, control rooms, big excavators, vehicles with television transmission equipment, caravans and cars
- cooling of funeral vehicles
- air conditioning of containers and vehicles with special police and military equipment
- repairs of BOCK and BITZER compressors for bus air conditioning
- repairs of LINNIG and LANG electromagnetic clutches

We produce, repair and supply:
- hoses for automotive and bus air conditioning
- supply of spare parts:
- fans
- dehydrator filters
- thermostats
- expansion valves
- pressure cut-outs
- design of new products in the field of cooling and air conditioning equipment according to customers' requirements.

We provide sales and service of BOCK compressors

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Themes: air conditioning for vehicles, Bock compressors, roof air conditioning, cab air conditioning