Blatrysk, s.r.o.

Company Blatrysk, s.r.o. from Brno deals with mechanical treatment of all types of horizontal surfaces by dust-free grinding, shot blasting and blasting. We focus on cleaning, degreasing and overhauling industrial floors and pavements. We try to carry out all repairs of roads, motorways and sidewalks without any interruption of operation or with minimal restrictions. We also provide cast industrial floors without interrupting the production process and transport.

We offer mechanical treatment of horizontal surfaces by dust-free grinding in the following ways:
 - open floor system
 - a system for the safety and repair of roads, motorways and sidewalks.

Open floor system, we provide:
 - dust-free blasting or roughing, blasting
 - dust-free grinding of concrete, asphalt
 - dust-free cutting of concrete and asphalt
 - Dust-free molding and precision grooving
 - degreasing of industrial floors
 - removal of adhesives from concrete
 - dedusting of concrete, asphalt-cement concrete by shot and penetration method
 - repair of all types of horizontal surfaces
 - repair of oily concrete
 - comparison of inequalities of industrial hall entrances by milling, grinding, spatula
 - roughening of smooth concrete, polished marble
 - roughening of asphalts and their purification from oil deposits
 - cast industrial floors.

System of safety and repairs of roads, highways and sidewalks, we provide:
 - colored road surfaces
 - drainage of puddles from roadside
 - degreasing of roads, roads
 - cheap machine-spattered local repairs of cracks and potholes
 - removing local roughness from the road
 - removal of ruts by milling with a road mill
 - removal of road markings
 - repairs of all types of cracks on roads
 - reducing road noise
 - comparison of inequalities of bridges
 - roughening of smoothed asphalt, concrete, go-kart tracks
 - roughening of smooth surfaces of motorways and roads.

We specialize in repairs of all types of industrial floors and roads. Our activities contribute to increasing road safety while reducing accidents. Company Blatrysk, s.r.o. is located at Šumavská 31, Brno.

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