Autojeraby a plosiny Brno Velcovsky

Truck cranes and assembly platforms for rent are provided by the certified company Truck Cranes and Platforms Brno Velčovský. We guarantee quality and professional services focused on crane work with a lifting capacity of up to 50 tons. We can also provide fully certified service connected with trained mobile crane workers.

The cranes are equipped with chains, straps and winches to facilitate handling.
Tatra AD 28 mobile cranes - telescopic mobile crane on the chassis

Tatra 815 - large off-road accessibility with maximum crane capacity 28t, telescopic boom length 26m, arm length with extension 31, 2m

Demag AC 40 City mobile crane - telescopic mobile crane with load capacity up to 40t. Suitable for confined spaces

Liebherr LTM 1050 mobile crane - up to 50T, terrain availability, telescopic boom up to 38m

Mobile cranes - (construction machinery) up to 44m height.

Aerial platform, work platform RUTHMANN - 25m
Assembly platforms can be ordered non-stop at tlf: 721 445 897
- lifting work
- winch recovery (in accidents)
-services for assembly and construction companies
-Long tradition
- possibility of consultation on the spot.

Our references include services for companies SKANSKA, FIRESTA, OK MONT, TOPGEO, UNISTAV, OHL ŽS and others.

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Autojeraby a plosiny Brno Velcovsky


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