V-STAV RK s.r.o.

Palackeho 108, Rychnov nad Kneznou 516 01
Construction company, construction work, building construction:
- family houses
- civil buildings
- residential houses
- industrial buildings
- agricultural buildings
- attic buildings
- renovation of bathrooms
- demolition of buildings
- static assessments
- construction supervision
- complete supply of roofs
- plasterboards
- dry floors
- additional implementation of waterproofing
- insulation of the facade
- ceramic tiles and paving
- reconstruction of buildings.

  • blasting operations, removal of buildings, demolition of buildings, heavy equipment, waste disposal, brick rubble
  • laying of ceramic tiles, laying of ceramic floor tiling, stair tiling, silicone tile sealing, anchoring strips installation
  • installation of plasterboard ceilings, installing gypsum board partitions, drywall installation, plasterboard installation in attic
  • exploring of damp objects, calculation of damp building constructions, masonry drying, masonry rehabilitation, remediation material
  • housing developer project, housing association, residential complex, sale of flats, construction of housing units
  • oil platforms, industrial factories, power plants, brewery facilities, textile mills, engineering factories, industrial furnaces, industrial warehouses, ironworks plant
  • reconstructions of sanitary cores, plasterboard works, complex electrical installation works, flat modernisation
  • building supervision services, inspection of construction work, project documentation check, resident engineering inspector, author supervision, authorized clerk of works inspection
  • gypsum boards, plasterboard sections, plasterboard ceilings, plasterboard ceiling accessories, adhesives and cements for plasterboard
  • comfort of sanitary facilities, wall and floor tiling, sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, sanitary unit reconstruction

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