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Prague phoniatrics, Thai massage, REIKI, Shambhala, rehabilitation, logopaedics, physiotherapy, therapist.

In our centre, we attend to patients with impaired speech, hearing and voice and with neurological impairment.
We offer and carry out phoniatric and otorhinolaryngologic care.
We provide hearing aids and examination in an audio laboratory.
We care for patients with autism, with multiple sclerosis, with aphasia and smokers.

COMHEALTH Ltd. non-state medical facilities
Offering of treatment:
- Comprehensive diagnosing
- Preventive and therapeutic care
- Voice disorders
- Speech disorders
- Hearing defects
- Ear diseases
- Hearing impairments
- Respiratory tract diseases
- Swallowing tract diseases

Conventional medical care is extended by alternative approaches.
We take care of patients suffering from:
- Voice disease
- Diseases of vocal cords
- We provide treatment for diseases accompanied by buzzing and whistling ears, dizziness.

Care is intended also for the general public:
- Rehabilitation
- Physiotherapy
- Thai massages and REIKI
- Lymph drainages
- Facelift
- Shamballa (Shambhala)
- Logopaedics
- Alternative therapies
- Audiology
- Biolamp
- Herbal therapy
- Phoniatrics
- Voice teacher and therapist
- Vocal education of children
- Singing education of children
- Czech language teaching with speech therapy for foreigners
- Lymphatic drainage
- Balling - massages with foam balls
- Otorhinolaryngology - ENT (ear, nose and throat)
- Oxygen therapy
- Paraffin, paraffin packs
- Care for transsexuals
- Care for voice professionals
- Rehabilitation
- REIKI courses Prague
- Group exercise
- Exercises for pregnant women
- Rehabilitation exercises for children
- Exercises at gynaecological problems
- Hearing prosthetics
- Hearing aids
- Thai massages
- Vojta method
- Sound laboratory.

We will help you even if your problem is:
- Tinnitus
- Cellulite
- Diseases of vocal cords
- Voice disorders
- Vocal cord nodules
- Hearing impairment
- Defective hearing
- Speech disorders
- Dyslalia
- Delayed speech development
- Aphasia
- Hoarse voice
- Cough
- Rhinitis / cold
- Sinusitis / sinus inflammation.

Care is focused also on larger groups:
- Singers, actors, conservatory students
- Managers, doctors
- Shop assistants, telephone operators
- Fitness centre trainers.

It is possible to arrange group preventive and diagnostic care with an employer or employees.

We offer discount season tickets or gift vouchers for some services, including massages.
We also offer individual therapy and diagnosis in home environment.
We prepare health stays for children, for children accompanied by parents, for adults.


BERA, CERA – examination - Audiology Prague, the Czech Republic

BERA, CERA – examination - Audiology Prague, the Czech Republic
The BERA, CERA examinations and audiology are carried out by the COMHEALTH, s.r.o. company. Audiology: - examines the ways and possibilities of sound – assesses the function of hearing BERA, CERA: - an examination using evoked potentials for determining objectively the treshold of hearing and ...
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