Akart CZ spol. s r.o.

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The company Akart CZ spol. s r.o. specializes in the production of cardboard boxes and packages of corrugated and plain cardboard. The company's products also include industrial, transport and consumer packaging, boxes and cartons according to the FEFCO catalog or custom packaging according to the client's requirements. Multicolour flexo or offset printing. Laminated packaging. Cardboard two-layer, three-layer, five-layer to seven-layer. Smooth cardboard weight 200g / m2 - 1500 g / m2.
We supply blanks, inserts, fixation grids, cardboard boxes, high-strength packaging. We offer packaging service and consignment warehouses, packaging consulting. 100% packaging service. Just in time. Clearance sale of boxes.

Production, wholesale, sale:
- corrugated and plain cardboard packaging
- shipping boxes, boxes and packaging
- folding flap boxes
- cardboard boxes, inserts, boxes and packaging
- printed boxes, printed packaging
- die-cut packaging
- industrial cartonnage.
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Cardboard packaging:
- Cardboard two-layer, three-layer, five-layer to seven-layer. Smooth cardboard weight 200g / m2 - 1500 g / m2
- lapel boxes
- laminated packaging, advertising billboards and stands
-shaped packaging
- shipping containers and boxes
-products, interleaves, blanks, grilles and interior fittings

Printed boxes and surface treatment, printed packaging:
-Advertising eye-catchers, stands or packaging products
-printing of industrial cardboard and boxes with advertising signs, company logo
- Multicolour flexography or offset printing
-digital print
- laminating
- surface finishing - painting or embossing cardboard.

Shipping boxes
- for stacking, group packing and goods protection
- Euro boxes, boxes of 7vvl (lapel), cardboard boxes.

Stacked cardboard:
Stacked cardboard is a continuous sheet of corrugated cardboard, folded on a pallet into the shape of the letter “Z
This endless belt is pre-trimmed to make it easier to fold the board to the desired size. It is mainly used in operations where it is necessary to pack goods of various sizes, eg furniture, home accessories, metal profiles, steel strips, etc.
Endless cartoning not only facilitates the packaging process, but also reduces the cost of packaging, storage and transportation.

Cardboard inserts:
- cardboard cuts for engraving or creasing
- used for interleaving layers of products on a pallet, fixing products inside the packaging.

Other products:
- paper tubes, tubes, wound cardboard
- plastic wrap
- wooden boxes
- sucked cardboard
- working tools.

  • paper boxes, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, cake boxes, paper gift boxes, removal boxes, boxes for food
  • covering plastic films, construction foils, bubble wraps, LDPE and stretch films, plastic crates and boxes, plastic bottles and cans, plastic barrels and buckets, plastic containers
  • transport crates, pallets with sides, oversized atypical packages, pallet superstructures, euro pallets

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