VOTONA s.r.o.
Dodavky kotelen, kotlu a topnych systemu

Zemedelska 334, Veseli nad Moravou 698 01
Telephone: +420 603 413 711

Wholesale, retail, sale, repairs, service VODO, TOPO, HOUSE, WORKSHOP, GARDEN:
-installation material
-heating, distribution
-underfloor heating
-boiler, boilers
-water heaters
-showers, shower, sanitary facilities
-equipment of bathrooms, BESTECO bathrooms
-furniture, glass sets, mirrors, tiles, bathtubs, bathtubs, washbasins, washbasins.
-tile stoves - inserts
-tools - machines, tools
-electric hand tools, hand tools
-machines - drills, drilling machine, circular, band saws, saw, hand presses
-tools - drills for concrete, masonry, granite, metal, stainless steel, glass, glass, drill and cutting bits
-garden equipment - tractor, lawn mower, shredders, leaf vacuum cleaners, chain saw
-pumps, pump - domestic waterworks, waterworks, submersible
Assembly, installation:
-drilling wells
-bores for heat pumps
-heat pump, pump
-CHÜTZ underfloor heating
-solar technology
-ventilation unit with STIEBEL ELTRON recuperation
-ventilation, air conditioning.

Reg. No.: 27767884
VAT No.: CZ27767884
District: Hodonin
Country: The Czech Republic
Legal form: limited company
Employees: up to 5 employees
Turnover: 185 thousand - 370 thousand €
Contact person: Radim Žůrek

+420 603 413 711
+420 734 620 779
+420 518 322 329



Contact persons:
Radim Zurek
tel: +420 603 413 711

Working time:
Po-Pa:6:00-15 00 hod

GPS: 48°56′16.9″ N, 17°22′13.72″ E

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