ebm - papst CZ s.r.o.

Kastanova 34a, Brno 620 00
We are the official representative of ebm-papst in the Czech and Slovak Republic. We are engaged in development, production and supply of high quality fans for machine industry, home use, but also for automotive industry.

Fans of a premium quality are the guaranteed top of our company. The main manufacturing plant in Germany, as well as our affiliates in other countries, produce individual parts of fans, but also whole series in the highest possible quality. Our highly-developed IT and logistic section ensure that your ordered goods are always delivered on time - thanks to that we have also gained a number of best supplier awards. All our products undergo the most difficult stress tests, such as, vibration tests, salt spray tests or the persistent stress test. Thanks to such testing we are sure of our quality. Technologies and environmental protection should go hand in hand, and that is why our products are developed so that they threaten the environment as little as possible and, in the best case, even protect it. An example of that are our GreenTech EC engines with low energy consumption.

- axial fans
- centrifugal fans
- industrial fans
- compact fans
- agricultural fans
- tangential fans
- exhaust, chimney and premix fans
- EC fans
- medium pressure fans
- Atex fans
- Ex fans
- engines
- pumps.

  • manufacture of circular air ducts, gas air heaters, manufacture of noise absorbers, home and office air conditioning

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Agricultural, tangential fans, the Czech Republic

Agricultural, tangential fans, the Czech Republic

Are you looking for a manufacturer of agricultural and tangential fans? Then do not hesitate and contact our company. We produce fans and engines for demanding industrial applications, home use or automotive industry. Our assortment includes more than 15 000 types of engines and fans. You can choose from axial, centrifugal, tangential, compact, exhaust, chimney, agricultural and premix fans. Do not hesitate and contact us with your requirements - we will be happy to help you. More information is to be found at our website.

Industrial, centrifugal fans, production, supply - Czech Republic

Industrial, centrifugal fans, production, supply - Czech Republic

Are you looking for a company to provide the development, production, and supply of industrial and/or centrifugal fans? Then do not hesitate to contact us in the Czech Republic! We are engaged in the development and production of top-quality fans for industry. Our range includes industrial and centrifugal fans with forward-curved or backward-curved blades. In centrifugal fans with external rotor motors, the motor is located in the fan wheel, which results in optimum cooling of the motor. The entire range of products is available with AC power supply or GreenTech EC technology. For more information, see our web or contact us!