Ceska distribucni k.s.

Company Česká distribuční a.s. specializes in distribution of leaflets to mailboxes, delivery of advertising mail, direct and unaddressed distribution. We have been operating since 1991 as an alternative postal operator with headquarters in Ostrava and representation in Prague.

Thanks to many years of experience and quality work we rank among the best, especially in the field of unaddressed and addressed distribution in the Czech Republic.

Our services include mailbox delivery:
- unaddressed (leaflets),
- direct mail (personal and promotional items),
- semi-printed (printed matter),
- special (sampling, door mailing, selective distribution, clipboard hangers, geomarketing, logistics).

We invest the largest percentage of funds in the distribution network and logistics itself:
- direct management,
- own mailbox coverage,
- CCTV monitoring of warehouses,
- digitization of field data.

Quality control is a matter of course for the proper functioning of the distribution, which is verified by our distribution network managers, regional managers, regional managers and central employees:
- common,
- internal,
- inspectorate,
- telephone,
- independent.

We care about the satisfaction of our customers and therefore we handle complaints within 5 working days and each complainant always receives feedback from us.

You can use our leaflet self-service:
- Customize the online distribution area
- easy planning,
- Once set up, you can easily find out the number of customers to reach.

Our reliable mailers are available 7 days a week.

We pay attention to the quality of our services so that you can plan the most effective campaigns and reach as many potential clients as possible.

We will deliver an ad for you to the place where the purchase decision is made - households.

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Ceska distribucni k.s.


Na Rovince 879 (Axis Office Park budova C)
Ostrava-Hrabova 720 00

+420 596 136 284

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