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AGS, a small trading company, focuses on the sale of garden and agricultural equipment and spare parts. In our stone shop we also offer tools for workshop, car batteries, car cosmetics, work protective equipment, sprayers, special applicators, parts for industry and consumables.

Our largest customers include customers from the winery, agriculture, gardening, general consumer and companies and tradesmen from other fields. In the company assortment you will find:

- garden equipment
- garden tools
- garden supplies, tarpaulins, traps, pest repellents
- grass seeds, fertilizers and irrigation supplies
- agricultural machinery with accessories for farmers, farmers and winemakers
- municipal / utility machinery, snow plows, sweeping brushes, spreaders and spreaders
- spare parts
- workshop tools and equipment
- autokosmetika
- working and protective equipment
- protective equipment
- packaging materials, agricultural packaging - bags, raschel, polypropylene and paper bags, netting
- models, toys and kits
- promotional items.

We have extended our rich offer with garden tools, workshop equipment, car batteries, parts for industry, car cosmetics, protective equipment. For children we have a special offer of toys and limited series of models. Also collectors of promotional items will come into their own, for which we have a lot of news every year.

With the expanded range of goods we represent a number of new domestic and foreign brands and manufacturers:
- Agriculture machinery
- gates and gate machines
- shear machines
- cultivators, combinators, compactors
- Stubble cultivator
- disc harrows, plows
- deep cultivators, cambridge rollers
- seeders, planters
- hooves, hoes
- rotary cultivators, diggers
- crushers, shredders
- mowers
- tedders and rakes
- sprayers
- carried and trailed dewdrops
- Manure spreaders and fertilizer spreaders
- trailers, semi-trailers and transport equipment
- machines after overhauls
- spare parts for agricultural machinery
- garden equipment with accessories and spare parts -
 mototechna and parts for industry
- tools for workshop and service
- measuring and testing instruments
- working and protective equipment, means
- special working clothes, footwear, protective headphones
- packaging materials and nets.

We provide other goods operatively according to offer and production catalogs. On request we will be glad to send you the WOLF GARDEN catalog for free.

Goods, which you order from us very happy to immediately pick, show and explain. For heavier loading and unloading we use our handling equipment.

If you are interested in our offer, we look forward to your visit and cooperation.

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