Bridlicova a prejzova strecha Praha

The family company has been operating on market since 1990 and is located in Prague west in Pruhonice.

We offer professional installation and making of roofs on houses, residential houses and blocks of flats, including heritage buildings.
Our services include roofing, carpentry and external plumbing.
To achieve the highest quality of our work, we use proven materials such as:
- Slate
- Burnt roofing
- Concrete roofing
- Sheet-metal roofing
- Fibrocement roofing
- Flap pantiles.

Our most commonly used material is slate which ensures long lifetime, it is tested according to European standards and there is a possibility of coloured design.
The advantage of slate is possibility to cover round and special shapes with slate without using sheet metal.
We prefer Spanish slate or colour slate from Vermont.

For laying of burnt roofing, we use products from manufacturers Tondach and Creaton.
For laying of concrete roofing, we use products from manufacturers such as Bramac and KM Beta.
Metal roofing is represented by manufacturers Rheinzink and Prefa.
The main supplier of fibrocement roofing is the Eternit manufacturer.

We use copper, all kinds of titanzinc, aluminium and galvanized iron for external plumbing.
Delivery and installation of Roto and VELUX roof windows.

Within construction of roofs, we arrange installation of a lightning conductor together with inspection or even antenna and chimney work.
Debris removal and final cleaning of contract place are taken for granted.
We offer free consultation on roof construction and a price quotation drawing up.
Satisfaction of our customers is our priority and therefore we can boast that our company was awarded the Quality company mark - Certification based on customer satisfaction (APC) in 2011. We greatly appreciate this award.

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