VP AGRO, spol. s r.o.
Vyroba a prodej osiv

Knezeves 1, Knezeves 252 68
The supplier of field crops (seeds) and chemical preparations for their protection is VP AGRO, spol. s r.o.

Seed sales:
- diabetes
- maize
- cereals
- rape
- sunflower.

Main areas of activity:
- purchase and sale of agricultural commodities and agrochemicals
- experimental activities
- consulting
- sale of pesticides and seeds of field crops, vegetables
- agricultural primary production.

We also treat seeds using pesticides. In our activities you will also find - long-term maintenance of soil quality, vitality of plants in the vegetation cycle, chemical protection, use of herbicides and insecticides, treatment against fungal diseases and pests.

Weed control - weed spectrum:
- late spring weeds
- winter weeds
- perennial weeds
- crushing of the pre-crop.

On the Czech market VP AGRO, spol. s r.o. has been operating since 1991.

  • sales of decorative plant seeds, fruit seeds, vegetable seeds, products against weeds, fertilizers and composts
  • root plant growing, production of genetically valuable seeds, seed production control
  • slowly soluble fertilizer, pesticides and herbicides, fertilizer in tablets, plant growth stimulants

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