Pronto Ricany spol. s r.o.

Cernokostelecka 152/62, Ricany 251 01
The company Pronto Říčany spol. s r.o. deals with the sale of plumbing and heating materials and bathroom equipment. We sell pumps, heat pumps, boilers, solid fuel boilers, gas boilers, sanitary equipment, baths, showers, sinks, toilets, faucets. We also rent tools for plumbers.

Sales of plumbing, heating materials and bathroom equipment:
- storage tanks
- fittings
- electric, combined, indirect heating boilers
- faucets
- circulating, sludge, submersible, suction pumps
- granite and stainless steel sinks
- filters and water treatment plants
- electric, gas and solid fuel boilers
- bathroom furniture
- bathroom accessories
- bathroom heating ladders
- underfloor heating
- pipes for water, heating, gas and sewerage
- instantaneous heaters
- radiators
- sanitary ware
- showers and baths, bathtubs
- thermostatic radiator valves and heads
- water meters ... and more.

We look forward to your visit. You can find us at Černokostelecká 152/62, Říčany.

  • radiator fittings, control valves and fittings, stop valves, fittings for drinking water, heating devices
  • suspension brackets for tanks, sales of copper pipes, pressed pieces, de-aeration valves, safety valves, direct heating panels
  • ball valves, pressure reducing valves, thermostatic mixers, float and drain valves, sealing materials, water meters and accessories
  • immersion pumps, hot water pumps, hydro dynamic pumps, centrifugal pumps, sludge pumps, compressor accessories
  • range of sanitary ware, wall and floor tiles, toilets and bidets, bathtubs and washbasins, bathroom equipment
  • bathroom furniture, bathtubs and washbasins, flushing devices, sanitary ceramics, water taps, bathroom tiles

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