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The facade cleaning company Zlín has been providing complex services in the field of chemical cleaning of facades, roofs, exterior plasters and also coatings of undermining and graffiti removal for more than 20 years.
It operates mainly in the Zlín Region, Olomouc and Brno, but also in other regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Extend the life of facades, plasters and roofs.
Dry cleaning enables to remove various types of impurities from atmospheric, biological impurities, grease, salt efflorescence, cement coatings from facades, exterior plasters. We will remove contamination from most surfaces - insulated, colored facades, plasters, brick, concrete, sandstone, travertine, granite, artificial stone, aluminum elements, ceramics, marble, birch, interlocking pavement.

It is important to protect the surface of facades and roofs by means of protective and impregnating agents.
 - fungicidal protection against algae, mosses and molds
 - hydrophobic and oleophobic protection against atmospheric impurities (mixture of dust, smog, soot and other impurities)
 - two-phase surface cleaning to remove salt efflorescence or cementitious substrates first with acid and then with neutralizing agents.

Coatings undercut.
We provide coatings of wooden ceilings and roofing of houses with thick-layer glazing. It is an effective protection of the wooden parts of the house against the weather.

Antigraffiti service.
We provide graffiti removal by special chemical means from the facade, doors, garages, elevators, fences, vehicles and other surfaces.

Overview of activities:
- Cleaning of facades of all types (exterior plaster, tiling, aluminum facades, etc.)
- Protection of facades and roofs by fungicidal, hydrophobic or oleophobic agents against recontamination
- Removal of cement coatings and salt efflorescence
- Graffiti removal and preventive object protection
- Cleaning in industrial plants - pipelines, trusses, silage
- Impregnation - protective coatings of facades, roofs
- Assembly and disassembly of structures at heights.

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