Biogen Praha, s.r.o.

Biogen Praha, Ltd. company was established already in 1996.

We offer the most advanced technologies, services and products:
- Laboratory plastics
- Reagents
- DNA sequencing
- Synthesis of oligonucleotides
- Biobars.

Offering of laboratory plastics for laboratories, hospitals and universities consists of:
- Test tubes
- Culture plates
- Test tube racks
- Supporting grids
- AbFluor™ - the next generation fluorescent dyes
- LinKine™ Labeling Kity - for labeling of proteins and antibodies using enzymes, fluorescence and dyes AbFluor
- Abbkine - primary and secondary antibodies
- Barcodes for sequencing
- Laser and bar marked plastic laboratory products
- Consumable materials for molecular biology
- Laboratory plastics from renowned manufacturers.
Caps and compartment systems or sealing laboratory films are parts of the test-tubes.

Laboratory reagents are various solutions suitable for use for applications with DNA profiles.
Sequencing options are classic sequencing and sequencing of a new generation.
DNA sequencing is carried out by the next day.

We also offer one of the widest range of modified and unmodified syntheses of oligonucleotides of DNA or RNA.
We are able to carry out any specific requirements for synthesis.

Our biobars, serving for easy purchase of laboratory aids, can be found in Prague, Brno and Ceske Budejovice.
All our products are equipped with necessary testimonials and certificates.
Moreover, we give a 5% discount when you purchase through the biobar.

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