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  • coniferous sawn building timber, construction lumber from deciduous trees, impregnated building timber, dried structural lumber, square edged planks, undressed boards, central planks, square wooden balks, wood laths

  • sales of plant pellets, wood briquettes, wood fuel, bio fuels for transport

  • sawmill production, coniferous joinery timber, broadleaved joinery timber, lumber impregnation, planing of lumber, work with timber loader

  • sales of all fossil fuels, distribution of black coal, brown coal, coal briquettes, coke

Our company specializes in lumber and firewood in the areas of South Moravia and South Bohemia, around the towns of Trebic and Moravske Budejovice. We put emphasis especially on production and production of specially dried and air-dry timber for joinery and building activities.
We stock about 18 kinds of domestic and exotic wood species in various thicknesses and lengths. After 20 years of working and experience in wood, our company has expanded its production to include chipped firewood and planed lumber, such as terrace boards, fence boards, floor boards and decking.

We have spruce, oak, larch, acacia, pine, ash, beech, alder, linden, walnut, walnut, elm, hornbeam, birch, douglas lumber and we produce from it:
- boards
- terrace boards
- fence boards
- floorboards
- floorboards
- Facade cladding boards
- planks
- wood.

Lumber-18 species (spruce, pine, larch, Douglas fir, European oak, American oak, beech, ash, maple, birch, alder, hornbeam, cherry, acacia, linden, elm, poplar, European walnut, American walnut, pear, aspen). We produce joinery timber from quality cuts. These cuts are cut into boards and planks with thicknesses of 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 mm, 3, 4 and 5 m long. Dry timber to 8-12%. It is also possible to order air-dry timber or other size.

Planed lumber - we can produce in max. Size 230mm x 160mm. We produce this timber on a four-sided 6-shaft cutter. We can plan both straight and profiled shapes. We can make timber from our or your material. Terrace boards are made of larch and Douglas fir in the dimensions - thickness 26mm, width 145mm and length from 3000mm to 5000mm. On one side there are coarse grooves, on the other side there are fine ripples.

In 2009 the company moved to its own production and storage premises, which are located in Mladoňovice (Třebíč district). In the following years we invested in new technology necessary for quality and efficient production.
We are currently preparing further investments in production technology so that quality and productivity continue to increase. We use wood from certified forests with PEFC certification to produce our products. We choose this wood ourselves to ensure the quality of the input material and thus the final quality of the product.
Since we are a smaller family business, we approach each customer personally and try to advise them in the best way so that they are as satisfied as possible.

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