HABA s.r.o.

Produkty firmy

Our company Haba s.r.o. operates on the steel and aluminum market.

We provide you with preparatory works, so that you can show your qualities as a highly qualified supplier in general machine industry, manufacture of devices, special devices, preparatory products, tools and shaped parts.

Do not hesitate to use our expertise and professional skills.

The HABA s.r.o. products can be used in:
- automotive industry
- preparative product manufacture
- production of single-purpose machines and equipment
- tool manufacture
- mold manufacture

Manufacture of steel semi-finished products to order:
- milled and grinded steel plates
- milled and grinded aluminum and stainless steel plates
- cut sizes, shaped parts
- steel, aluminum, stainless steel.

Shaped parts, steel, stainless steel and aluminum burnouts, cutting processes:
- possible supplies of shaped parts (cut by oxigen, plasma or water jet), including milling and thickness grinding, or complete machining.

Used materials - steel, aluminum, stainless steel.

Grinded materials - steel and stainless steel material, clamping table with the diameter max. 3600 mm diagonally or with the dimensions 1000 mm x 13000 mm.

Annealing to lower internal tension - max. 2000 mm width and 3000 mm length in a process-managed annealing furnace.

Milling - 2000 mm width and 5000 mm length.

Cutting - steel, stainless steel, aluminum, up to the length of 3000 mm.

Possibility of providing a complete machining of steel and aluminum plates, including holes, threads, grooves, etc.

Our product range for you:

Naše nabídka výrobku pro Vás:
Steel: 2316-S
Inox: 1.4301, 1.4404
Special materials: Toolox 33 a 44

More information about the materials that we supply is to be found at the prospectus page.

If we know your requirements concerning a given part, we can propose the optimum material for you, as well as the relevant production process. Thanks to our optimal way of connecting sale, production and forwarding we are able to quickly respond to your demands.

We always deliver the optimal semi-finished product, cut to measure, milled or grinded to thickness. Dimensions up to 2 x 5 m, thickness up to 250 mm and sufficient amount of materials that we have in stock, ensure that you can always count on our flexibility and ability of a quick delivery.

Why choose the HABA company:
We can lower your costs for tools using HABA materials.
The performance during chip machining can increase, because the HABA materials are homogenous and stable in shape. You can optimize the manufacturing processes and push the boundaries of quality.
The costs for straightening will lower or completely drop out.
You can rely on the shape stability with all HABA products.
All processes that were developed in cooperation with HABA engineers improve the machinability, which is one of the key parts of the production process, for it determines also the size stability of workpieces during their whole production phase.

Czech Companies:    Cutting,  Engineering plants and metal fabrication,  Grinding work,  Machining, turning and milling work,  Metal semifinished products,  Single-purpose and special machines,  Tool-room work,  
Themes: steel plates, cut sizes, aluminium plates, milled, sheet metal machining, the Czech Republic