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Language agency UniStudies s.r.o. in Olomouc will teach you how to communicate in a foreign language really fast. We provide language courses for the public, corporate training for your employees, but also special intensive courses Soft Skills - we will teach you a foreign language actively, systematically, effectively and quickly. We will also be pleased to assist you in the area of translation and interpreting, where we are characterized by reliability and confidentiality.

We will provide you with English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese and any other foreign language.

Company language courses - comprehensive solutions and quality language teaching for your employees - course types:
- normal or intense
- regular, one-off
- with a Czech lecturer or a native speaker
- focus on general communication, job position or business language
- Target grammar or conversation
- Soft Skills courses in a foreign language.

ON-LINE lecturer for corporate education:
- fast help in a difficult foreign language situation (the student has his / her own lecturer for short translations via e-mail, quick interpreting of telephone calls or other form of foreign language assistance during the whole working hours).

Special Intensive Courses (SIK) - Soft Skills Courses in Foreign Language:
- based on interactive teaching material, we will learn to present you correctly and effectively in a foreign language as quickly as possible, prepare for a business trip, lead a project and so on
- By linking soft skills / hard skills with a foreign language we will not only provide you with a language knowledge of the selected topic, but you will also get information about their real functioning in the given environment.

Language, individual courses for the public - a really effective form of teaching:
- we can arrange foreign language teaching anytime and anywhere, you can determine the content and scope of the course yourself
- You have a tutor all the time for yourself.

Language audit:
- accurate assessment of your knowledge (a written test with precise criteria and a foreign language verbal interview will give you a clear result immediately)
- determination of actual verbal and grammatical level.

Language consulting:
- evaluation of the current state of knowledge and determination of study goals of individual students.

We provide our language services in the Olomouc region, but also in neighboring regions and Slovakia.

- common - common types of documents (technical manuals, manuals, contracts, presentations, business correspondence)
- legal - for translations with legalization (extracts from the Commercial Register, documents on education, power of attorney, birth, marriage and death certificates, court decisions, extracts from criminal records)
- proofreading (correction of translated text errors).

Interpreting any field:
- routine and consecutive (business meetings, training, presentations, lectures)
- court proceedings (court hearings, marriages, notary proceedings)
- simultaneous (conferences, trainings, seminars for a larger number of students).

  • legal translations, professional translations, translations from/to world languages, consecutive interpreting, simultaneous interpreting
  • language courses for beginners, professional language courses, english lessons, russian lessons, foreign language basics

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Special language intensive courses SIK, Soft Skills for key employees the Czech Republic

Special language intensive courses SIK, Soft Skills for key employees the Czech Republic

The language agency UniStudies s.r.o. in Olomouc, the Czech Republic focuses on special language intensive courses SIK or Soft Skills for key employees. Do your employees have the perfect professional skills, but do they lack language skills? Do you want to prepare your employee for future higher position also with language facility? Then there are special language intensive courses SIK or Soft Skills for key employees exactly what you are looking for. Do not hesitate to contact the language agency UniStudies s.r.o. in Olomouc. Special language intensive courses (SIK) Soft Skills: -we will teach you, on the basis of interactive teaching material, to present your foreign language correctly and effectively as quickly as possible - acquire the basics of negotiation, prepare for a business trip, lead a project, or quickly introduce you to a new business environment as a new employee - teaching should be fun, so both interactive material supplemented by other activities and conversational methods used in 100% of teaching correspond to the form. Motivate your team positively and appreciate it for its active approach - provide your employees with the language intensive courses of Soft Skills at the language agency UniStudies s.r.o. in Olomouc, the Czech Republic. We will prepare a tailor-made solution for you.

In-company language training – continuing education for your employees comfortably and with confidence the Czech Republic

In-company language training – continuing education for your employees comfortably and with confidence the Czech Republic

Increase attendance and motivation of your employees and improve their foreign language skills. The UniStudies language agency in the Czech Republic offers tailored in-company language training courses comfortably and with confidence. Would you like to reduce language training costs? Would you like to motivate your employees and increase their attendance? Would you like to improve their foreign language skills? In-company language training organized by the experienced UniStudies s.r.o. agency in the Czech Republic will provide you with a comprehensive solution, as your success is our success. We teach English, German, Spanish, Russian, French and Japanese, and following an agreement we can teach any other foreign language. All our courses are tailored-made with a focus on general communication, particular work positions and business language skills. Why Choose the UniStudies language agency? - Comprehensive fulfilment of requirements according to the specified criteria - Online access to information - Achievement of a particular language level - Monitoring each employee’s language progress (audits, monitoring) - Monitoring attendance online - A certificate of completion when the course is finished. In-company language training with UniStudies s.r.o. - an easy way to educate your employees.