Výroba lahůdek Opava

  • bouncy castles, party tents, furniture for social celebrations, table decorations, tables for banquets, sound sets, audio mixers, tableware for serving food, entertaining attractions
  • prepared meals, ready meals, ready-to-cook meals, packaged dishes, instant soups, instant main courses, frozen oven-ready foods
  • cold meals and platters, vegetable salads, banquet products, open sandwiches and canapés
  • hot meal sales, packed dinners, online meal orders, regular meal distribution, pizza distribution
  • offer of congress venues, professional training rooms, accommodation for companies, company presentations and corporate events
  • hot and cold hospitality, receptions and banquets, corporate events, holding parties, private celebrations
  • lunches and dinners, game specialities, dishes offer, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, weddings and graduations

Czech Companies:    Catering services,  Congress and business tourism,  Delicatessen,  Food distribution and delivery services,  Party equipment and entertaining attractions,  Prepared meals and oven ready meals,  Restaurants,